About Open Mindfulness

Unlike ordinary Mindfulness, ‘open attention’ at Open Mindfulness is not ordinary attention that you focus on all sorts of things, feelings and thoughts 'in a different way than normal’. It is indeed a different, really open kind of attention. The difference with ordinary attention is gradual, and at the same time essential. It's about what happens in your mind while, or even before, something appears in your conscious attention - the perception before you pin this down by recognizing and/or naming it. It is about freedom within yourself.

Since attention is so central to everything you do throughout the day, developing this is also developing yourself. It's about deeply, as a total person, becoming open to the good, the beautiful and the natural in what is right in front of you. It may feel as if you finally arrive into this world. This is not a feeling you should jealously hold on to, but an actual experience, as ‘life virtuoso', at the same time also a possible path for the rest of your life.

In terms of Buddhist source, Open Mindfulness is based on the classic Chinese Chan (from 6th century AD), itself afterwards also an inspiration for the Japanese Zen. Central to this is the idea of ‘enlightenment/opening’ as deeply open attention that also plays a role within everyday life, whether one is a monk or a retailer. Open Mindfulness also has a strong Western orientation; it integrates the latest insights from cognitive science.

All sound files and textual information can be found on the website www.OpenMindfulness.org. Here you can, if you wish, take a whole Open Mindfulness trajectory without leaving your home and, free of charge. This is a trajectory of 8 weeks, with exercises and information associated to each step. You can print or fill out an online diary. You can get more support with an AURELIS coach through ‘video coaching’. You can also follow a trajectory of 8 x 2 hours in group. In this trajectory, we follow the same schedule as the trajectory online. Through this combination there is maximum time for your questions during life meetings. Here too, the philosophy is fully open. This is real depth, in which obviously you go as far as you wish. Basic values are: freedom, openness, respect, depth and trustworthiness.

To be able to further assist you on your path, > 1000 Aurelis sessions are at your disposal. They all follow the same philosophy. Our goal: to see you grow into a person who can be fully yourself, in beauty and integrity, to the benefit of yourself and others, in freedom. Ultimately, we wish you to be optimally healthy and vigorous to receive and give meaning to the world in the way that you wish. We want you to continually flourish.